Chef Opening ‘Sound’ Restaurant In Former ‘Blind Pig’ Space

DULUTH, Minn. – A new restaurant is transforming the inside of what used to be the Blind Pig and Tycoons in downtown Duluth’s Old City Hall building 132 E Superior St. The restaurant is being called “Sound,” and the people behind the idea believe the business model is so sound it won’t be following the path of the past, as FOX 21’s Dan Hanger reports.

“It’s going to be fun, man. It’s going to be really, really fun and world class, his price points are approachable. The experience is just going to be top talent,” said Rod Raymond, owner of Just Take Action, The Brewhouse, Burrito Union, and former owner of Tycoons and The Blind Pig.

“Blind Pig was a Hail Mary on my end, bad decision if you want to say. It was compromised food. It was not chef centric,” Raymond explained. “And truth be told, I couldn’t afford to hire a chef like Patrick because they’re just expensive. They have to be the owner.”

And ownership is exactly what’s happening.

Raymond is leasing the space to Chef Patrick Moore who will own and operate his own restaurant called “Sound.”

“I would say more small plate restaurant. We will be focusing mostly on sustainable sea foods,” said Chef Patrick.

He was raised in Belfast Northern Ireland and California.

Chef Patrick most recently was the executive chef for musicians performing at Big Top Chautauqua in Bayfield.

Before that, he whipped up authentic dishes in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

“I had a company there that did catering pretty much to the stars — everywhere from Nicholas Cage to the king and queen of Sweden and everything in between,” said Chef Patrick.

Chef Patrick says he’s bringing that Nantucket vibe to the new restaurant. The entire place is getting a paint-job overhaul, and he tells us there will be much more than fresh sea food on the menu.

“You are going to see a lot of elk, venison, more of the sustainable meats that we need to be using instead of factory farming,” Chef Patrick said.

Beyond the chef-centric menu, live music from around the country and even the world will be a huge part of the business model.

“I have Brett Dennen booked. I have G Love and Special Sauce booked. I have … Anders Osborne booked already,” Chef Patrick said.

It’s a transformation of empty real-estate in the Historic Arts and Theatre District that Chef Patrick and Raymond believed is dressed for success.

“Gather, nourish, inspire — that’s kind of what we are going to be doing here,” said Chef Patrick.

“What’s a success formula? A good chef.  And not only do we have a good chef, we have a great chef,” said Chef Patrick.

The Rathskeller on the lower level and the event center on the top level of the building will continue as business as usual under Raymond’s ownership.

Sound restaurant will open in early January.  A soft opening is Dec. 15 with a concert series that’s open to the public.

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