Veterans Day March in Duluth

Many Northlanders Have a Personal Connection to the Federal Holiday

DULUTH, Minn. – Saturday is Veterans Day and all across the Northland people are honoring veterans with marches and ceremonies.

On Veterans Day, the men and women who served in our country’s military are celebrated and honored. For many Northland families, the holiday holds personal significance.

Each veteran marching through Downtown Duluth, has a unique story of the service.

“I was part of the third army, Patton’s third army and I was over in Europe and we were in the battle of the bulge and after that we went down into Austria and liberated one of the camps down there that they had all these people in,” said Mark Sertich, a World War II Veteran participating in the march.

Sertich is one of many local veterans to brave the cold and march in respect to his country.

“Very, very grateful that I was able to do something for my country at the time and this is one of the things that are a result of that,” said Sertich.

Families waved flags and shouted thanks to Mark and his comrades as they made their way from the Depot to the DECC.

“It’s important for the greater community and the children to see how much we respect, how much we appreciate our veterans, how grateful we are for the service,” said U.S. Representative Rick Nolan (DFL-Minnesota).

School groups attended the Veterans Day Ceremony.

“We have students that have parents and relatives serving right now so they let their perspective be known too for what they feel for this special day,” said Kara Pavlisich, a Minnesota history teacher at Ordean East Middle School in Duluth.

It’s a day to which many feel a personal connection.

“All then men and even some of the women in our extended family have served in the military, in fact my uncle left an arm and a leg in the South Pacific during world war two,” said Nolan.

“My father was a veteran, my brother served and is a veteran so it’s a special day for me,” said Pavlisich.

“I enjoy getting out here and paying respect to my country and I think this is one of the ways of doing it,” said Sertich.

Veterans Day is officially on November 11th every year.


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