Veterans Voiced Concerns to Senator Amy Klobuchar

Northland veterans discussed local issues with Senator Amy Klobuchar.

CLOQUET, Minn.- Senator Amy Klobuchar listened to Northland’s rural veterans speak out on concerns.

Senator Klobuchar said there are some serious problems with veterans’ health benefits. Ensuring the Guard and the Reserve recieve the same health benefits other branches are given, is the biggest issue currently being worked on. One of the main issues addressed today, the long drive rural veterans have to make to receive medical attention.

“But we would like to make it easier so they can get their services right in this area,” Senator Klobuchar said. “That’s something I’m going to bring back as we look at changes to that program in the next year.”

Veterans told FOX21, local government officials are listening to the active veterans speaking out.

“I think it’s the fact that we’re so active,”Legislative chair 8th district VFW Rick Stoehr said. “We’re reaching out and trying to educate ourselves and in some part educate the public in veterans affairs.”

The issues they hope to address, are not just their own. Veterans are concerned of the health problem those currently out in combat could face down the line.

“What these veterans are coming back with, our exposures in Vietnam and Agent Orange are going to pale in comparison to what these folks are going to deal with emotionally physically,” Stoehr said. “We hope to make that right by the time they get home.”

Senator Klobuchar said the veterans are never shy and it’s good to hear why they have to say. Northland veterans shared more than worries; smiles, photos, and stories were traded after the panel discussion.

Veterans said if Northlanders wish to do their part, sit down and talk to an old veteran.


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