Superior’s Midwest Energy Fire Could Cost Company Nearly A Million Dollars

Fire On Belt System Has Shut Down Ability To Obtain Coal


Press Release Below:

Members of the media: this is to inform you of a fire this morning in Superior. At 0530 all three engine companies, Battalion Chief and Gold Cross Ambulance were called for a fire at 2400 Winter street which is Midwest Energy. Once on scene crews found fire in the belt system used to move coal 100 feet in the air. The fire traveled down the belt system approximately 50 feet below ground. The fire was extinguished by 0730 and all crews were clear of the scene by 0745. No injuries were reported by either the fire department or Midwest employees. Estimated damages are between $500,000 and one million dollars. The cause of the fire is under investigation, the belt was not in operation when the fire was reported. Midwest employees estimate it will take at least one week to repair the system to allow trains to enter the facility and drop off coal. As of now, all incoming trains have been diverted to alternate locations. Midwest energy is still operational in loading ships of coal, that system was not affected by the fire.

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