‘Music With Robots’ Workshop Inspires Northland Kids

The unique instruments show their full potential at the kid friendly workshop.

DULUTH, Minn.- Duluth is known for its local musicians, Sunday Blacklist Brewery allowed kids to tap into their creative side with a special set of instruments.

“Making Music with Robots” is a hands–on educational workshop. Creator Troy Rogers started making the instruments 14 years ago.

Rogers told FOX21 sometimes the creator isn’t always the best musician, to actually use the instruments.

“The way kids approach it is with this open mind, an uninhibited creativity,” composer Troy Rogers said. “There’s a big push for STEM or what I like to push for is STEAM, where you have arts in the mix.”

Roger believes kids are the creators of tomorrow.

Rogers said giving them an oppurtunity now, makes a huge difference later on in life.

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