Big Difference in Temperatures for November Start

4th Coldest Start to November in Duluth History.

It is no question that it has been a very chilly start to November with already subzero low temperatures last Friday. If you remember last year, the beginning of this month was completely different. We had temperatures that were ten to almost 30 degrees above average. The Minnesota deer hunting opener saw high temperatures of 70 degrees both Saturday and Sunday. It was not only the Northland that was engulfed in above average warmth last year, but practically the entire country.

This year appears that there was a big flip of the switch and it is almost the complete opposite. Continuous surges of cold air into the area has made this months start the 4th coldest on record for Duluth. 2015 and 2016 were both the first and second warmest start on record for the Duluth area.

There will be some remorse though if you are tired of this extreme cold. Temperatures will be warming up to the 30s this week with perhaps the possibility of 40s on Tuesday as a storm complex tracks northeast and keeps the Northland under the warm sector. A few scattered rain showers are likely from this system but moisture will be lacking.

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-Chief Meteorologist Gino Recchia