Wisconsin Adopts New Bill Eliminating Hunting Age Restriction

The state's gun deer season runs until Nov. 26.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – It doesn’t matter if you’re six or 60. If you live in Wisconsin, you can hunt in Wisconsin without an age restriction.

On Saturday, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill that eliminates the minimum age requirement.

Hunters previously had to be at least 10-years-old to hunt with an adult.

Parents will now determine at what age their child can go hunting.

Both a parent and a child will be able to carry a weapon.

“There’s always safety concerns in the woods, so let’s hope that everybody has enough common sense,” said┬áSuperior Shooters Supply Owner Pat Kukull. “It’s the parents decision as to how mature they feel their child is.”

One shop in Superior says this law can also increase the number of young hunters.

“We have many smaller guns. I know quite of our customers will start their kids out, not necessarily hunting, but shooting at a very young age, seven or eight, with small a Cricket .22,” said Kukull. “It’s usually that family that is steep in the hunting and shooting tradition.”

Wisconsin is the 35th state to eliminate the hunting age requirement. The hunting season begins this Saturday in the Dairy State.


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