Great Outdoors: Wisconsin Firearm Deer Season Opening Saturday

WISCONSIN – Rifle deer hunting season opens this Saturday and hunters across the state are gearing up.

“I love being outdoors,” said Dale Kuhlman of Custom Archery and Outdoors in Superior. “I love being in the woods. Scenery, sounds, smells, and when you see animals, it’s just that much more of a bonus.”

Deer season is huge in Wisconsin.

“Everybody comes in with their camera and they’re showing us the pictures of the deer they shot, the hits they’ve made,” said Kuhlman.

With the rifle season opening on Saturday, hunters are making sure they’re ready to bag a trophy buck.

“Last year it was so warm that we were selling a lot of orange t-shirts, but I think this year we’re going to be selling a lot more orange jackets and parkas,” said Scott Miller of Northwest Outlet in Superior.

This year, kids of all ages can start hunting with adult supervision.

“I know quite a few of our customers will start their kids out not necessarily hunting but shooting at a very young age, seven or eight with small cricket twenty-twos,” said Pat Kukull of Superior Shooters Supply.

Wisconsin bow season has been going on since September and businesses say they’ve been selling a lot of crossbows.

“With a lot of the bow hunters, a lot of the comments you hear, they’ve given up rifle hunting because the bow season is longer and it’s warmer,” said Kuhlman.

For many, the rifle season is the main event.

“Most everybody you talk to around here has a hunting shack somewhere or knows somebody that has a hunting shack and they’re always going out there, so the traditions run really deep and it’s always a great time to get out and enjoy the outdoors with the people that you care about,” said Miller.

Hunting is the perfect chance for many Northlanders to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

“It gives you a reason to go out rather than just out walking,” said Kuhlman.

Last year, more than 600,000 licenses were sold and more than 200,000 deer were killed during Wisconsin’s rifle hunting season.