Duluth International Airport Will Reopen Its Main Runway

While the 9/27 Runway Was Closed the Crosswind Runway Was Used

DULUTH, Minn. – If you’ve traveled in or out of the Duluth International Airport lately, you may have dealt with frustrating delays or cancellations during the runway reconstruction project.

Airport officials tell us early winter weather and fog are to blame. As planes need the best weather possible to land on the shorter runway during construction of the main runway.

Airport Executive Director Tom Werner says the project is behind schedule by a few weeks, but crews are working hard to make sure the main runway is wide open Thanksgiving Day.

“We do have construction that’ll have to continue after that date we’re going to do our best to accommodate that once we have the scheduled work with our tenants and the airlines to make sure that it’s as least disruptive as it can be,” said Werner.

Crews started work on the main 8,000 foot runway in July with the installation of lights and paint markings on the concrete.

Meanwhile, the remaining reconstruction of 2,000 feet of the runway on the east end is expected to take place sometime in 2018.

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