Fighting Domestic Violence in the Northland

One local organization gives locals an opportunity to make a direct impact on abuse within the community.

DULUTH, Minn.- The organization Men as Peacemakers, aims to make a  direct impact on the domestic violence within our community.

The organization is hosting domestic violence restorative circles, which rely on community support. The classes needed to be a volunteer are currently underway this weekend. Around four to six community members are needed during each circle meeting. This weekend the training helps volunteers participate in two different types of meetings.

One is a Support Circle, community members meet with healing domestic violence survivors. Volunteers are asked to listen as a member of the community and to simply be present.  The second is a Transition Circle; individuals gather here who have been incarcerated for domestic violence, and are transitioning back into society. The programs are called  a restorative justice process. During the two day training classes, volunteers learn the proper steps in addressing this issue.

“Sometimes people think it’s a certain demographic where this violence occurs with intimate partners and it’s not,” coordinator Amy Brooks said. “It’s widespread it’s something that is in every aspect of our community and it happens all the time.”

Organizers said the circles are a tangible way community members can address domestic violence issues, that are happening here in the Northland.

Recently many people across the country, have been coming out sharing their experiences with abuse. The DVRC program gives community members an opportunity to try and put a stop to these actions, close to home. The DVRC training classes are held once every month. For more information on volunteering, please contact Amy Brooks at 218-727-1939 ext. 106 or via email at

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