Superior Meats Preparing ‘Turducken’ for the Holidays


The holidays are really the busy season for meat markets like Superior Meats.

“The holidays are big for us,” said Superior Meats manager Mike Cragin.  “Between the holidays – after Thanksgiving you start gearing up for Christmas – and in between all that here you’re doing venison.  That keeps my guys busy.”

And this year – the shop is shipping out its most famous creations – the turducken!

It’s only for the indulgent – a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey!

Superior Meats is sending out 24 turduckens this year.

The combination isn’t unique to Superior Meats, but the manager says they make them fresh in house, and that makes all the difference.

“We do it all by hand,” Cragin said.  “We have our own wild rice stuffing, that’s what we layer them with.  You can get them other places but the other places usually buy them in and we don’t.  We make them ourselves.”

If you are interested in ordering a turducken, it’s almost too late but there is still time!

They’ll be available for order tomorrow and Wednesday as well.

Superior Meats is located at 6301 Tower Ave. in the Village of Superior.

They can be reached at 715-394-4431.