Holiday Spirit In The Lights: A Park Point Jewel Is On For Another Year

Display Was Close To Shutdown Because Of Volunteers Needed

DULUTH, Minn- The Holiday Spirit in the Lights display on Park Point has won numerous awards over the past 25 years. With one flip of the switch all that nearly came to an end this year. For Marcia Hales, the love of Christmas and the love of Christmas lights stem from her childhood.

“We used to pile the family in the car and drive around and look at the Christmas lights,” said Hales.

What started out as love for the holiday has turned it in to so much more for Marcia and so many others.

“I certainly never started out to make it a tradition. This is the 18th year and we’ve had people get engaged her, get married here and bring their brand new babies here,” said Hales

All was on the brink of not happening this year.

“Telling people it was my last year didn’t set well with a number of people who came,” said Hales.

Here in steps one of her neighbors who couldn’t stand the thought of it all going away.

“We came out here to see it one last time and that’s when I found out that the reasons they were ending was because the lack of volunteers. I live down the street and I have free time,” said neighbor Jim Braulik.

Between Jim and other volunteers another year of tradition continues.

“I knew I couldn’t do it by myself. With people coming forward and offering to help it really made a big difference,” said Hales.

Set up starts as early as late September with lots to do before the big day

“I’m glad we started as early as we did. We’re running out of big projects. Now it’s a lot of little projects we need to get done over the next couple of weeks,” said Braulik.

December 8th at 5 o’clock will be the big unveiling and another year with all new experiences for those involved.

“We had people from Brazil and Thailand and the Philippines last year. It was really neat just to get to chat with people around the fire as they were enjoying the lights,” said Braulik.

A lifelong wish to bring loved ones together for another year is all Marcia wanted.

“It really makes a difference because it’s a sense of community that is kind of going away these days,” said Hales.

Follow the above link to their Facebook page to sign up for volunteering or to make a donation.

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