Northlanders Hit the Road, Air For Thanksgiving

The AAA reports nearly one million more Americans will travel this Thanksgiving.

DULUTH, Minn.- The busy holiday travel season is underway AAA reports 48.7 million Americans will travel over 50 miles this Thanksgiving.

Traveling during the holidays can be a stressful one, but Duluthians told FOX21 they are packed prepared and ready to go. Over at the Duluth International Airport travelers are coming and going pretty smoothly and the stress has minimized some. The main runway has temporarily opened, after months of reconstruction.

“Just seeing the joy of them get to go and meet up with their family, because that is what this season is all about,” marketing and communications Duluth Airport Authority Natalie Peterson said. “So it’s fun that we can be the facility that gets them to that point.”

The airport is filled with holiday cheer. Workers are handing out holiday cookies to travelers.

One woman told FOX21 it’s a yearly tradition to fly to Tampa for the Thanksgiving holiday to visit her 98–year–old mother in law.

“Family is absolutely the most important thing and having that time together is just very rewarding,” traveler Jane Gilbert-Howard said.

Meanwhile the thousands of drivers are also hitting the roads. Oil changes and car washes are in high demand and local gas stations started getting busy at the beginning of the week.

“Gas prices fluctuate during the holidays no matter what,” gas station worker Tana Macarteney said. “There’s never really any way for us to anticipate if it’s going to be more or less.”

Experts want to remind the public, with the colder weather in the forecast, a full tank of gas makes all the difference. The roadways are expected to be clear and clean in the Northland for travelers on Turkeyday.

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