Turkey Tips to Avoid Turkey Blunders

It Can Take Up to 10 Hours to Thaw a 20lb Frozen Turkey In Cold Water

DULUTH, Minn. – This Thanksgiving it’s estimated that Americans will consume more than 46 million turkeys.

So if you are cooking a bird yourself local experts have some tips, whether you’re smoking, frying or roasting your bird numerous blunders can take place.

Fox 21 stopped by Old World Meats and they told us the most common mistake they see is an unsafe temperature for stuffing.

“Putting the stuffing inside, it should be cooked separately and if you want to stuff the turkey after great, but it needs to get up to temperature first,” said Old World Meats President Paul Wrazidlo.

Using a fresh turkey instead of a frozen one is also key to lock in the best flavor.

“Once their frozen the proteins get broken by the ice and we lose that juice,” said Wrazidlo. “If you happen to use a frozen one, use the butter all the way around on the inside and outside.”

Old World Meats says their number one seller is fresh turkey followed by ham and smoked turkeys.

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