Black Friday Becoming a Tradition for Some Northland Families

The day after Thanksgiving has many shoppers up bright and early.

DULUTH, Minn.- Black Friday is crazy for shoppers, but for some it’s a holiday tradition.

The hustle and bustle on the day after thanksgiving can be intimidating, but Northland shoppers happily joined the crowds.Businesses were packed early in the morning throughout the afternoon. One Northlander said the trick is having a list and knowing the best deals before doors open. With many eager shoppers businesses are extra prepared, with plenty of Northlanders on the clock ready to offer assistance.

“It’s a tradition, families get together for thanksgiving and the holidays,” Menards general manager Ken Matheson said. “It gives family something to do together when no one is working.”

One mother daughter duo said they tend to shop for themselves, but always manage to come home with some Christmas gifts.

“I think it’s the rush of getting to all the stores and all the good deals,” Tizbecker daughter said.

The Miller Hill Mall was a madhouse all day. For Northlanders who avoided the lines Cyber Monday will offer plenty of discounts directly to your couch.

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