Duluth Shoppers Flock to the Stores Ahead of Black Friday

Several Shoppers Lined Up Hours Before the Stores Opened

DULUTH, Minn. -Black Friday technically starts at midnight! But many stories got the madness going earlier this evening.

Fox 21’s Haydee Clotter talked to some of the die–hard shoppers in Duluth.

Every year it’s the same tradition for some. Spend time with family, eat turkey and then head to the store to see how you can save on Black Friday deals.

The prices rollback for laptops, cell phones and flat screen TV’s.

“I think the prices are great, but I think a lot of people too they just think it’s kind of fun,” said Shopper Sarah Baker.

Zack Potts had one item on his mind and he takes Black Friday shopping so serious he brought his pet dragon along with him.

“I came down here to for a blender for my family,” said Potts. “That’s the mission I was sent out on. It was a good score, good deal.”

Adam Holden who was at Best Buy didn’t think twice about the lines or the cold

“I was just kind of looking through and we were looking at a TV and stuff,” said Holden. “I was just checking to see what there was that I might need.”

Holden was aware of horror stories when it comes to Black Friday, but that didn’t keep him away.

“I’ve heard some chicks get trampled and stuff,” said Holden. “I don’t really know where that happened, if that happened here it’d be kind of fun to see.”

Shoppers like Sarah Baker make it a family affair. She was with her brother-in-law at Target. Shopping on Thanksgiving has been her thing since middle school and she has a strategy to avoid chaos.

“We usually go in a team,” said Baker. “One person goes one way, the other person goes the other way and meet in the middle.”

According to the National Retail Federation, more than 115 million people plan on shopping and saving on Black Friday this year. So it looks like it’s here to stay.

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