What Happened to the Snow?

It was no shocker to Northlanders that the end of October and the beginning of November was a cold and snowy one. Our first snowfall of the season was 10.6″ which broke a record for the most snowfall ever in an October calendar day. November carried over this snowy trend to start off the month, but the cold air has since retreated. With the cold air was also the amount of precipitation.

Snowfall for the first five days of the month totaled 7.6 inches. Since then we have only seen roughly two and a half inches of snowfall. We are not totaled at ten and a half inches which is three tenths of an inch below the average for this time of the month.  With a very dry forecast ahead, we will end the month will likely no additional snowfall.

It is not only the Northland suffering in the lack of snow, we also have the rest of the country under a minimal amount of snowfall as well. Only about 4% of the country is covered by snowfall, compared to this time last year when it was a 5th of the country.

We do have some cooler weather in the long range trend that will return sometime in December, but the end of this month and the beginning of next month will remain well above average.

-Meteorologist Gino Recchia

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