Knowing Your Neighbors: The Hacienda

SUPERIOR, Wis. – The Hacienda, on South Tower Avenue in the Village of Superior, is a place that’s been around for many years.

“There’s been a lot of generations that have come here.  I came in 1999,” said current owner Sandy Rivord.

18 years ago Rivord came to Superior with the intention to buy a bar.

The Hacienda is named after the Spanish word for ‘home.’

“It is ‘home’ for a lot of people,” Rivord said.  “[It’s] definitely my home.”

Six days a week Sandy is here.

She fills drinks.

And she makes a lot of the food herself.

“The two things I’m very proud about the Hacienda – in all the years I’ve been here – we have great food and I’m a hard worker,” Rivord said.

On this day we came at lunch time on a Tuesday.

That’s enchilada day at the Hacienda and Sandy spent many hours cooking the shredded beef herself.

And just like your mom cooking one of your favorites from growing up, sandy puts a lot of time and a lot of love into her food.

“Doing this for a living you work a lot of hours,” she said.  “My social life involves the interaction I get with the customers and the people that come in here.”

We visit with Sandy while the bar isn’t as full as it usually is.

And she’ll tell you – when it’s full, it’s not unheard of for her regulars to call her Mom.”

“A lot of these kids now – I call them kids – they were single when I first bought the bar,” Rivord said.  “They have families.  They have children.”

Sandy says she’s more than happy to watch her family grow – year after year.

“I am on a second generation of patrons at the Hacienda,” she said.  “Their parents are still here.  Some of their grandparents are here.  And now their kids have turned 21 and they’re in here with their families.”

The Hacienda is more than just a small town bar.

It’s a place for food and fun and conversation with people who treat you like family.

And like they say: there’s no place like home.

The Hacienda is open seven days a week, and is located at 6428 Tower Ave., in the Village of Superior.

Sandy says they’re always hosting fun events and games.  She updates the Facebook page regularly with those events and specials.