In Wake Of Two Ice Related ATV Deaths: Experts Give Early Season Ice Safety Tips

Deaths Stem From Two Falling Through The Ice

DULUTH, Minn- It’s a start to the winter season that experts are warning is very dangerous right now with up–and–down temperatures.

Ice condition reports range from none at all to pretty solid. Experts warn to prepare, have a plan, and don’t chance it, ever.

According to the Minnesota DNR, from 2012 to March of this year, Minnesota has seen 16 ice fishing related deaths. Of those deaths, 19% were anglers on foot while 81% involved an ATV, snowmobile, or vehicle.

We met up with Jordan Grimm, owner of Grimm’s Bait Shop who tells us knowing what you’re getting yourself in to is vital before heading out onto any lake.

“Call ahead, there’s no point in going out there by yourself. Make sure you use the buddy system. Tell people where you’re going,” said Grimm.

Less than 3′ inches can be dangerous.

4 inches is typical for single anglers to start their season.

Snow mobiles and ATV’s require 5 to 6 inches of ice.

Grimm says one mistake you can make is listening to word of mouth on ice conditions.

“You can’t rely on people, what they say. So you have to go out with a chisel and every 3–6 feet give it a couple of whacks and make sure there’s good solid ice,” said Grimm

This early in the season, the thickness of the ice can clearly be very difficult to predict.

Below is a link to Minnesota’s DNR page. There you can find more tips on how to stay safe on the ice.


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