City of Duluth Offering Free Downtown Parking

After the first free hour regular parking ramp rates will apply

DULUTH, Minn. – Going downtown and searching for a parking spot can be a hassle and sometimes expensive.

The City of Duluth wants to make it convenient for you.

During the holiday season you can park in the downtown ramps and the first hour won’t cost you a dime.

“You have to enter and exit within that hour to take advantage of this. So it’ll be offered at the four main downtown City of Duluth ramps, which is the Civic Center Ramp, the Medical District Ramp, Technology Village ramp and the Heart District ramp,” said City of Duluth Parking Operations Specialist Mark Bauer.

This campaign also helps promote off-street parking instead of having to circle around downtown to park.

Signage is out in front of the facilities where the free parking is available.

“We don’t want to issue more parking tickets than we have to,” said Bauer. “It allows people to park for free at an off-street parking facility as long as they enter and exit within an hour.”

Downtown businesses like A Time Treasured Antique depend on the downtown traffic.

“That will provide a lot more time for people they’ll use the parking ramps probably a lot more and it’ll give them more time to shop,” said Johnson.

The parking incentive can benefit customers who’ve previously dealt with the lack of parking or looking for quarters to pay the meters.

“It will open up a new avenue for people to say oh there’s a ramp, I never even thought of that before,” said Nicole Johnson of A Time Treasured Antique. “It’ll take the focus away from the meters and people will access the ramp more.

The city intends to run this promotion throughout the Superior reconstruction  phase and then will determine if it will remain.

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