Storytime at Local Book Store Aimed at Getting Kids More Interested in Reading

Storytime Held Once a Week at Zenith Book Store

DULUTH, Minn.-With kids spending less time holding books and more time on their electronic devices, one local business is stepping up trying to curb that trend.

The Zenith Book Store on Central Avenue is holding weekly readings for kids where they can listen to some wonderful tales that make their mind wander to a fantastic place.

Management at the store said actually holding a book, beats e-books when it comes to reading to young children.

“Children’s books still really haven’t made the leap to e-books because we like having that tactile feel and that touch and there’s just something about sitting down with a kid and just finding a book and reading it together,” said Nikki Silvestrini, the store’s manager. “That just hasn’t been replaced by anything else.”

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