UWS Explores How Plastic Microbeads Impact Lake Superior

Researchers Say More Awareness Needed on Plastic Microbeads

SUPERIOR, Wis.-Microplastics have had a significant impact on the waters in the Northland for many years.

The tiny beads get washed down our drains after we brush our teeth using certain tooth pastes or when we use a variety of soaps which contain plastic. From there they cause threats to aquatic life in our region after they hit Lake Superior.

Today tours were given at UWS where all the research for the plastics takes place. Researchers there said that they want to raise awareness about how dangerous plastics are to Lake Superior.

“If everybody knows about the plastic problem, they will start using the plastic with responsibility, because now, a lot of people don’t know about the problem with the plastic,” said Dr. Lorena Rios Mendoza, an associate professor at UWS.

Due to research at UWS, the state of Wisconsin has been a front–runner in banning personal care products that contain microbeads.

To find out more about their research, visit this website: www.uwsuper.edu/lorena-rios/plasticresearch/index.cfm.

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