Goodwill Makes Environmentally Friendly Change

Goodwill is now on the list of stores boycotting plastic bags.

DULUTH, Minn.- Goodwill is going green now using more environmentally friendly shopping bags.

The organization will no longer purchase plastic bags, joining the Bag It Duluth campaign. Shoppers are encouraged; to bring a bag, offered a used plastic bag, or box at check out. Making the switch will prevent an estimated 800,00 plastic bags from becoming waste.

“We’re also going to be saving roughly $25,000 a year and those are dollars that are going to go back into our mission services,” public relations Scott Vezina said.”Which is all about creating jobs for disabilities or other barriers to employment.”

Goodwill said a big part of their mission is to keep items out of landfills. Plastic bags add to landfill waste, polute local bodies of water, and are difficult to recycle.

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