Idling Your Vehicle Could Cost You

Idling also causes damage to the environment by increasing the amount of vehicle exhaust in the air

DULUTH, Minn. -You might want to think twice about leaving your keys in the ignition during the cold weather when trying to warm it up.

You could end up with a ticket or walk out to something worse.

We may have all done it before. It’s cold so you start your car, leave it running and walk away.

Well you actually have broken the law.

The city ordinance prohibits anyone from leaving a car running and unattended unless you have an automatic car starter.

If you violate this ordinance you could pay a fine.

“Most of the time you’re doing that from a spot where the keys aren’t in the car. The car itself, I believe most time locks and then it starts,” said Superior Assistant Police Chief Matthew Markon. “You have to actually get up to your car, unlock it and get in and out the key in the ignition before you can put it in drive.”

Duluth and Superior have seen an increase in auto thefts this year stemming from idling cars. This common practice can lead to something worse.

“We also see folks that’ll go and get gas at the gas pump that will leave their car running long enough to go in the store and pay,” said Duluth Police Chief Mike Tusken. “Of course, they come back and the car is gone.”

Ten seconds of idling uses more fuel than restarting your car, so it’s not necessary.

The police wants to stress that you can prevent yourself from receiving a ticket or becoming a victim by simply not idling your vehicle.

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