Fon du Lac Band Closes Out Native American Heritage Month

The ceremony helps the Native Americans maintain their identity and way of life

CLOQUET, Minn. – Nov. is Native American Heritage Month and although the month is coming to a close the festivities don’t end yet.

A closing ceremony at Black Bear Resort capped off the month.

It featured a pipe ceremony, drum songs and a performance by royalty dancers. The young dancers are looked at as the future leaders.

It’s a gathering. Anytime you have a ceremony in that manner it brings people together and it’s a collectiveness. That’s what we’ve always had for centuries and for a while some of it is gone away, not lost, but not practiced so much,” said Fon du Lac Reservation Chairman Kevin Dupuis Sr. “If we continue to move forward with this these things in this manner, we’ll always maintain.”

The Band says it was important to hold the ceremony at Black Bear because it’s their biggest business maker and lets them connect with natives and non-natives.

“It’s about getting it out so everybody else understands who we are as a people and that we are very unique people. We have a separate language,” saidĀ Dupuis Sr. “We have a separate culture. We have our different way of life and most importantly this is our home.”

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