UMD Wants You To Go Biking In the Winter

Students also got on a Fender Blender, where students pedaled to blend the food that was in the blender

DULUTH, Minn. -Winter is here and UMD wants you to get in gear.

Students from an environmental group on campus are trying to get more people to participate in winter biking activities.

“Growing up in Minnesota a lot of people don’t think about going roller skating during the winter or doing a lot of those outside activities that don’t involve snow and so by doing this we’re kind of pairing biking with those winter activities,” said Student Annika Frazer.

They shared how biking in the winter is not as bad as one may think with the proper gear.

“Wear a helmet, you’re not supposed to use your front brakes when biking on icy patches and just kind of things like that” said  Frazer. “A lot of them are basic tips that go along with biking, biking with the flow of traffic.”

Winter sports experts say bikes with good tread and friction are the best ones to use during the colder months.

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