Inside Northland’s Beloved Bailey Builds Studio

The local shop Bailey Builds sells art made from reclaimed wood pieces.

DULUTH, Minn.-Northlanders may have spotted Bailey Builds, a business selling reclaimed wood art pieces at various events around Duluth. The creator Anna Bailey and her husband invited FOX 21 into their studio.

Artist Anna Bailey creates pieces of art using reclaimed wood.

“I can’t even tell you how rewarding this is honestly,” Bailey said.

In the past Anna spent her time in the shop creating furniture, but after experimenting with different DIY projects, she found her niche.

“It was quite a transformation from the housewife,” Anna said. “Which is something i love to do but now i have this brand new passion and calling as an artist.”

The art is made up of reclaimed wood pieces, some come from the Duluth Timber Company, others are salvaged from old decks and old barns.

“It’s beautiful cedar lumber,” Anna said.  “We cut into it, and it’s just got this awesome; color, patina, and depth to the cedar. You’re not going to get it you’re using new lumber.”

Anna cuts the planks into various sizes. Then laying out the design and pairing colors, putting the pieces together like a puzzle. The end picture is Anna’s vision.

“We get these ugly boards and honestly the uglier and more distressed and the more dirt, the prettier the piece,” Anna said.

Anna is the visionary behind the creations, but the end product takes two.

“So i can’t even tell you, it’s a gift to have my husband and i working together,” Anna said.

Her husband, helps with the finishing touches framing the pieces for display.= The look of art pieces are very natural, a style that is trending in the Northland.  Some of Bailey Builds pieces can be found at West Elm in the cities.

Anna said social media has helped the small business grow.

The pair receives many orders from around the country. Buying products from Bailey Builds helps support shopping small.

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