MnDOT Reminds Northlanders to Prepare for Winter Conditions

They Warn to Keep Up to Date with Weather Conditions and Check Tire Tread

DULUTH, Minn. – According to MnDOT officials, many of their ninety-one plows in Northeastern Minnesota are out and ready to begin clearing roadways.

This year, they’re doing something different: using a more expensive but faster acting compound called potassium acidate bridges and tunnels.

Plowing started during the afternoon hours in the International Falls area and is expected to continue throughout the night across the Northland.

MnDOT wants to remind people that even if roadways are clear one hour, the conditions can change very quickly.

“It doesn’t look really great. It looks like it’s going to be a rapid deterioration of the weather and if people have evening events and they go and they think everything’s fine, it might be completely different when they leave,” said Beth Petrowski, MnDOT’s Public Affairs Coordinator for District 1.

Officials warn motorists to stay patient and avoid passing plows in windy conditions.

“Stay ten vehicle lengths behind our snow plows because there’s a big blind spot created by those plows and there’s a lot of blowing snow which are completely blinding to the people behind them,” said Petrowski.

After rainfall, icy road conditions may develop when the temperature drops.

MnDOT says to check your tires to make sure there’s enough tread. If tires are bald, they can be very dangerous in ice and snow.

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