New Program Helps Domestic Abuse Survivors Temporarily House Pets

The Twin Ports Pets Housing Program helps victims have one less thing to worry about.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Leaving a  relationship with domestic abuse is a difficult situation and here in the Twin Ports it’s a decision made even harder, as victims fear about what will happen to their pets.

The Center Against Sexual and Domestic Abuse (CASDA) is asking the community to help a new program, that will ensure victim’s animals will have a home. CASDA is teaming up with a silent partner to create the Twin Ports Pets Safe Housing Program. The organization aims to reduce barriers for victims. Studies show up to 48% of domestic violence victims are unable to leave their abusers because they are fearful of what could happen to their pet. Nearly five victims every year turn down aid from CASDA due to animals at home. One local animal shelter reached out to CASDA offering to help. It’s name will remain anonymous to ensure victim safety. The Twin Ports Pets Safe Housing Program will place pets with a foster family.

“So that woman and children know that they are able to leave their pets with someone safe,” CASDA executive director Kelly Burger said. “While they are sort of regathering their lives back together.”

Pets will be returned to the owner once they find permanent safe housing. Foster families could care for pets anywhere from 45 to 60 days.

CASDA said the program will ease the minds of many deserving families.

“It’s a barrier obviously and we’re hoping with this partnership we’ll be able to say; we do have a plan for you, your dog, or you cat, while you’re getting yourself safe,” Burger said.

The foster families are volunteers but caring for a pet can cost up to $500. This estimate includes veterinary visits, food, and transportation into account. The partners are trying to raise $2,000 through a Twin Ports Pets Safe Housing Program Go Fund Me page.


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