Duluth Winter Village Organizers Already Looking at Next Year

DULUTH, Minn —

Partially because of mild temperatures this past weekend, huge crowds flocked to Glensheen for the Duluth Winter Village.

The event was a huge success, officially bringing 17,250 people to the city for food, drink, and all sorts of locally crafted items for sale.

Forty local businesses set up shop on the festival grounds at the Glensheen Estate.

Organizers say the huge crowds did create a few strategic issues, issues they’ll learn from in the future.

“Everybody wants to shop local if they have the opportunity,” said Mallory Moore, founder of Duluth Loves Local.  “So if we can give them a space to do that with some beer and some local good food and some good scenery on the lake, they’re going to come down for it.  So we’re going to keep doing it and keep making it better and smoother every year.”

Moore says they are officially going to have another winter village next year during the first weekend in December.

She says she’d like to see the event last multiple weekends in future years.