Meeting Held on Preventing Future Fires

Multiple Federal Agencies Involved in Meeting

DULUTH, Minn.-Training to respond to unique fires all boils down to communication.

Today, multiple federal organizations gathered at the Duluth Holiday Inn to determine how to better handle responding to situations like wildfires, chemical spills, and even tornadoes.

Leaders at the meeting said much of the discussions are about predicting how the next fire season will go and how they should communicate with one another when it comes to battling a big blaze.

‚ÄúThis lays out the groundwork for the future year and what we need to do to train; to prepare,” said Seth Grimm of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. “An element of the meeting is predictive services, [it] gives us a rundown on what we [should] expect in our next spring fire season.”

Last year was considered a mild fire season, as six red flag warnings were issued.

The DNR, Parks Service, Forest Service, and Homeland Security all took part in the meetings, which will continue on through Wednesday


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