Morgan Park Church Stands Tall for 100 Years

Northland Uncovered: United Protestant Church

DULUTH, Minn. – A community in Duluth was created by US Steel more than 100 years ago.

Morgan Park residents feel a strong sense of community there.

One Duluth man, Chet Johnson, has enjoyed his time in the neighborhood so much, he’s been attending the same church for 80 years.

That church is United Protestant Church and it was built 100 years ago as part of the US Steel model community.

Johnson has lived in Morgan Park since he was six years old.

We moved here in 1936, my dad got a job at the steel plant,” Johnson tells us.

He says the church was very active as he grew up, including having basketball and baseball teams.

This church wasn’t part of the original plans but was built after the superintendent made a visit to New York.

“JP Morgan encountered him in the elevator in New York and asked him if there was anything else Morgan Park needed and he said a church and so they allotted $100,000 to build this building,” said Johnson.

Tall arches and original wood give the sanctuary character that is impossible to miss.

Only minor upkeep has been done on the inside.

“I can’t think of anything else that’s been done here other than it’s been carpeted,” Johnson recalled.

Located just one block from the entrance to Morgan Park, the church welcomes visitors to its tight-knit community.

“You have a close connection to everybody that comes to church, it’s just like a family you know?” said Johnson.

The church is hosting a concert on Sunday, December 17 and they welcome everyone to attend.

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