Texas Puppies to Find New Homes in the Northland

More than a Dozen Puppies are Headed to the Douglas County Humane Society

SUPERIOR, Wis. – In the coming days, the Douglas County Humane Society will be receiving a litter of perfect presents just in time for the holidays.

The shelter announcing earlier this week they will be receiving anywhere from seven to 17 dogs.

The animals are being transferred to the Twin Ports from Texas.

Right now, the shelter only has two dogs which will soon be up for adoption.

Staff say they’ve been taking transfers from Texas for over a year and it gives them a chance to find good homes for animals in need.

One manager we spoke with says it’s always fun to watch the puppies adapt to the Twin Ports.

“It’s great when we have the Texas pups come up and we do have snow! Seeing them in their first snow is amazing! Some are super excited and happy and have fun with it and some are terrified and have no clue where they just landed,” said manager Ashley Gotelaere.

With the holidays right around the corner now could be a good time to bring in a furry friend to your family, but shelter officials say it’s always important to be sure you’re ready for the responsibility.

“We highly suggest people come in, just look around, don’t make any rash decisions and really think about it, get to know the puppy or dog,” said Gotelaere.

The puppies are scheduled to arrive by Monday, however, many factors could play a role in pushing the date back.

Once the animals arrive, they will spend some time at the shelter before going up for adoption

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