Local Sheriff Department Welcomes Four-Legged Deputy

Wesson is the fourth dog to join the St. Louis County Sheriff Office.

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Minn.- The St. Louis County Sheriff department welcomed a four legged officer to the force.

The canine is named Wesson and he’s officially ready to help out in the streets.

Officers said the new team member makes the force fully staffed. Wesson is a huge asset, one sergeant explained to FOX21 how dogs have a better sense of smell than humans.

“What they have been able to determine is; if we walk into a house, and smell a cookie, and think oh it smells like cookies in here,” Sgt. Wayne Toewe said. “The dog will actually smell the eggs, the flour, the individual ingredients.

The cannine’s strong senses are a locating tool for law enforcement. Training for the field is a tail wagging task for Wesson. Wesson is paired up with one officer who’s excited to have his new partner.

“For the first two weeks, I get him, and bring him home,”officer Ryan Smith said. “We get that bond and the love going then we start training. It’s been two peas in a pod ever since.”

The K–9 is said to be very loyal. Wesson’s favorite toy is a tennis ball. Which is one of the tools used to prepare him for the field. Wesson is the fourth dog in the program, made possible by the AMSOIL Northland Law Enforcement Training Foundation.

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