Open House Shines Spotlight On Sami Culture

Sami American Culture has a 25 year history

DULUTH, Minn. – The Sami American Community consists of descendants from the indigenous people in northern Sweden, Norway, Finland and a bit of Russia.

Duluth is home to the only Sami Cultural Center in North America.

We’re told in northern Minnesota there’s a lot of Sami ancestry.

at the Sami cultural center they want you to learn about the history of people you may not be familiar with.

Sami culture is described as similar to that of Native Americans, but they have their own language.

Several gathered at the Sami Cultural Center’s open house to show appreciation for the culture.

A new exhibit about the Sami children featuring books, dolls and toys was also on display.

One of the occupations of Sami people is reindeer herding.

Last summer, Nathan Muus made a trip to northern Sweden for the International Congress of Reindeer Herding.

“We are very proud that we can be here and share with all the other rich communities in Duluth and in Northern Minnesota and just show wow there’s a lot of diversity here and interesting connections,” said Muus.

Fishing and farming is another piece of Sami culture.

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