Dealing With Dementia During the Holidays

Experts told FOX 21 it's important for businesses and families to be aware and helpful.

DULUTH, Minn.-  Gathering with family during the holidays is exciting but can be hectic for those suffering with dementia.

Experts told FOX 21 make sure your festive gathering is a safe space. Ensure that there is plenty of lighting and be supportive.

“Being overwhelmed can cause them to have more issues, maybe being overwhelmed or frustrated when trying to remember family members names that they haven’t seen for a long time,” Age Well Training Coordinator Peter Haften said. “Those are those little things that as family members we should totally let go and just enjoy spending time with them.”

Experts say that the elderly typically don’t shop alone, but are more likely to during the holiday season. It’s important businesses are patient and ask simple questions. If you see someone lost while shopping do offer assistance.

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