Duluth’s Largest Hospital Has Plans For Expansion

Initial planning started six months ago and Dr. Herman says this expansion will help Duluth grow

DULUTH, Minn. -While exact plans will be announced next year we do know Essentia is looking at everything from rebuilding entire structures to up and down remodels.

The goal is to dramatically improve the quality of care for patients while also meeting the changing needs of the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Essentia CEO Dr. David Herman tells us current facilities are outdated and uncomfortably cramped especially with modern robotics now being used in those oldtime rooms for surgeries these days.

The emergency room, for example, was built decades ago for half the patients it sees today.

“So we’re looking at doing things such as making the emergency room bigger and more able to serve the patients we’re serving now. Build facilities that help us take care of behavioral health patients because that’s become a challenge, not just for us, but across society,” said Dr. Herman. “Build rooms where the family and patients can feel more privacy and be able to have the conversations now very frequently take place between the care providers and the patients each and every day.”

Essentia will have a definite construction plan by mid 2018, but before that there will be multiple public input meetings to make sure Essentia is meeting the needs of the community it serves.

Essentia is calling this the largest investment in downtown Duluth’s history.

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