Therapy Dogs Offer Relief For UW-Superior Students

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Staying up late and spending hours studying for a final exam can take its toll on a college student, so UW–Superior (UWS) is offering a temporary solution.

UWS is bringing students relief with therapy dogs as finals week approaches.

When students needed to get a well deserved break they were greeted by therapeutic four-legged friends.

One student called it an awesome surprise as she prepares for her five upcoming finals.

“It’s nice to just have something, honestly something warm to redirect your thoughts and it’s nice to regroup, whether a cup pf coffee or a puppy. This time a puppy,” said UWS Student Kiana Pfingsten. “If the alternative is just walking and stressing out it’s a nice distraction. It’s a nice benefit to the campus, I think.”

Finals at UWS begin on Monday Dec. 18.

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