Story of Jesus Comes Alive At United Church of Two Harbors

Once the scene ends darkness comes so characters can switch the scene

TWO HARBORS, Minn. -The story of the birth of Jesus has been told many timesĀ and for the last three years the United Church of Two Harbors has brought that story to life.

The woman behind this live story says she was wanted to bring it to Two Harbors because it didn’t exist.

The birth of Jesus is depicted in one hour.

The tableaux has live participants acting out live scenes in silence.

It’s almost as if you’re taking a series of snapshots and watching a play.

Mary, Joseph and of course baby Jesus were all there.

Each character embodied who they were meant to be without saying a word.

“One of the most important stories. Every child should know the details and many people don’t know the details,” said Tableaux Director Katya Gordon. “They don’t know about Herod, they don’t know about Zechariah and they don’t necessarily realize that this story is such a story for today. It includes corruption, power, despair and hope. it just has all the human elements in it.”

One person read the scriptures to move the story along and you didn’t need years of acting experience under your belt.

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