Experts Warn Pets are More Than Presents

Experts warn Northlanders a lot of work and money goes into taking care of a pet.

DULUTH, Minn.- Seeing a puppy under a Christmas tree might be exciting but local veterinarians want to remind Northlanders, a pet is for life not just for Christmas.

Experts told FOX21 gifting a pet as a surprise is not a responsible idea. The owner should be apart of the process by picking out a breed that fits their lifestyle.

“What breed you get makes a difference, a border collie shouldn’t live in an apartment, because they need a lot of exercise,” North Shore Veterinarian Office owner Michael Hargrove said. “There are certain things like that, so whoever is going to be taking care of the animal, whoever is going to be the primary caretaker should be intimately involved in the decision to get that pet.”

If you know a loved one would like an animal, give them a gift certificate to an adopttion center or a veterinarian’s office. The American Humane Society also recommends making an adoption basket; with toys, a leash and other goodies.

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