Knowing Your Neighbors: Dungeon’s End Game Store

DULUTH, Minn. – Board games are becoming more and more popular across the country and there’s a store in Duluth where gamers can buy and play a wide variety of games.

Dungeon’s End Game Store has given the Northland a place to play since 2011.

“Board games are huge now,” said Mason Froberg, owner of Dungeon’s End. “It started out with Catan being the modern board games but the variety of board game that’s out there now is just incredible.”

The shop is on the 300 block of Central Avenue in Duluth.

It has shelves full of board and card games available for purchase.

“The wide variety of games there is to play is not something to be intimidated by and we can kind of show you – help you find a game you’d love to do,” said Froberg.

But they do more than sell the games. Dungeon’s End is a community space for people to play together.

“I can meet other people down here that are like minded and play games with them as opposed to reading a review on the internet and hoping to meet up with my friends when they’re not busy,” said Matthew Edbald, who was at the store playing ‘Ticket to Ride.’

They let customers try out any game before they buy it so they know it’s the one for them.

“They’ve got a large selection of games up front that are all demo copies so you can come down and try them all before you decide on a purchase,” said Edbald.

The store provides a different kind of experience than other local hangouts.

“There’s of course all kinds of restaurants and bars you can go to but we wanted to be a community space that had something else to do where you can come in and enjoy yourself,” said Froberg.

Plus, the gamers there say it’s always more social than playing games online.

“I think people are moving more towards getting out of the house and interacting with people than going and just playing a video game online so that’s where we come in of course,” said Froberg.

Dungeon’s End encourages gamers to stop by their board game night every Thursday where they can learn to play all kinds of games.

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