St. Luke’s Cardiologist Gives Heart Health Tips for Winter Months

Avoiding Heart Attacks in the Snow

DULUTH, Minn. – With recent snowfall and more in the forecast, doctors are giving warnings for those headed outside.

Without previous exercise, many bodies aren’t ready for snowy conditions.

Dr. Disha Mookherjee with St. Luke’s Cardiology Associates says some elderly patients can find themselves shoveling 16-20 pounds of snow as they take on the responsibilities of being a homeowner.

Dr. Mookherjee says this can lead to heart attacks because the cold weather constricts blood vessels and can decrease the blood flow to the heart.

She recommends patients to hire someone to shovel if you have a history of heart attacks, or are not exercising often.

Additionally, patients should be staying active any way they can.

Dr. Mookherjee says walking up and down stairs, walking at the mall, marching in place at home, or dancing to music can help in the winter months when many want to be curled up on the couch.

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