Busy Season for Candy Shops

National Hard Candy Day is Celebrated on Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Twin Ports – Candy lovers had the chance to splurge on their sweet tooth Tuesday.

Tuesday, December 19 is National Hard Candy Day!

The staff at Sweeden Sweets say now is one of their busiest times of the year with parents coming in the door looking for stocking stuffers and other sweet gifts to give.

Hard candy first became popular in the seventeenth century as sugar prices fell.

“Parents are trying to get a little extra for their kids or their stockings, we’re doing a lot of Peez, a lot of the nostalgia plus we have a lot of cute little toys that have candy in them and stuff like that.”

Staff at the Superior sweet shop say children always love picking out gummies but you can’t go wrong with a jaw breaker or suckers.

The store is located at 601 Tower Avenue in Superior. Another shop in town is the Fannie Rose Candy Shop.

Workers told FOX21 celebrating national holidays, such as this one are fun to research, then go out, and enjoy.

“If you aren’t looking out for them, they’re going to pass you by,” Fannie Rose Candy Shop manager Matt Marturano said. “So just take some time and take advantage of days like this.”

The shop offers all the originals and nostalgic hard candies. A local favorite are the old fashion candy sticks, which you can find in 20 different flavors. If you’re feeling more adventurous Northlanders can pick up suckers with bugs on the inside.

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