Duluth School District Makes Cuts to Budget

The District Cut More Than $1.5 Million; a $409,500 Deficit Remains

DULUTH, Minn. – The Duluth School District had a $2 million deficit going into the next fiscal year.

Tuesday night, they made a decision about where to cut.

The reductions make $1.59 million in cuts to the district’s budget. ISD 709 will carry a deficit into next year of $409,500.

Layoffs are not part of the budget cuts at this time.

A proposal to have Voluntary Temporary Unpaid Leaves for staff will also not happen in this budget reduction.

The cuts include a $200,000 cut to yet-to-be-made “telepresence” system. The district will also leave several positions unfilled going into next year, including an electrician and a temporary clerical position.

The board said they will meet in early 2018 to discuss what cuts need to be made to balance the budget for the rest of the school year.

A district spokesperson gave this as a partial reason for the district’s $2 million deficit:

“As you know, the mid-year adjustments are in response to unexpected cost increases. The largest and most unexpected came with a new special education formula combined with increased expenses reflected in out-of-district tuition adjustments. In the same year the baseline was being set for the new state special education formula, the over-all tuition adjustment went from a positive $150,000 to a negative $1.1 million. This was due to increases in the cross-subsidy for special education for charter schools.”

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