Superior Council Passes New ATV, UTV, Snowmobile Trails

DULUTH, Minn.- In a 9-1 vote Tuesday night, the Superior city council voting in favor of an ordinance to allow ATVs, UTVS and snowmobiles on some city streets for an expanded trail system.

The looped trail will connect all local businesses and trails around town for Northland riders. A large portion would be in Millennium Park, then Barkers Island to Billings Park, all the way to Iron River. The ordinance would be for winter-use only, creating about 10 miles of trail along city roads and 17 miles combined.

For a look at the specific trail locations, click on this link and look at item 12.1

“It’ll be huge,” said Craig Sutherland, 8th Dist. Superior city councilor. “For once, it’ll bring tourists outside of Superior, to come into Superior, with their ATVs from Iron River — anywhere around the trail system. Put some heads in beds, and from there, it’s a trickle system as of who benefits from it.”

A local business manager, Jason Holzangel, of Thundersports, said the ordinance will not only attract tourists but keep more locals in Superior to shop and eat in town.

“There are a lot of enthusiasts that reside in this area that would just appreciate the opportunity, to be able to ride a little bit more freely on their machines,” Holzangel said.

Supporters say this new city wide trail system will allow avoid riders having to deal with loading up a trailer — thus allowing more time for riding.


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