Alligators Visit Great Lakes Aquarium

Alligators Were in Great Lakes Region in Prehistoric Times

DULUTH, Minn.-Three juvenile alligators are taking over the Great Lakes Aquarium.

They have been there for a week as part of loan program from a facility in Houston. One may think alligators are an odd fit for this region, considering there aren’t any here, but aquarium staff say this region has a history with them dating back to prehistoric times.

“It’s actually a really great opportunity to let people know that crocodiles species used to be around the Great Lakes region so that’s why it makes sense for our story here,” said Natalie Riemer, an animal care specialist at the aquarium.

The alligators are expected to be at the aquarium for a year or more. They may also be part of the aquarium’s outreach program where they visit classrooms with the gators.

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