How to Safely Heat your Home

Officials say space heaters are a safe option, but should be treated like a candle.

DULUTH, Minn.- It’s time for many Northlanders to bundle up outside and at home. Many locals are cranking up space heaters but officials want to remind us to warm up safely.

This chilly time of year fire departments receive many of house calls. Space heaters are flying off the shelves at local shops, which are a common way to heat a chilly space. Officials warn before shopping for a space heater or plug one in, there are some things to check for.

“They should almost treat it like a candle,” fire marshal Marine Grondehl said. “Don’t leave it running if you’re not there. So even at night if you have it in your bedroom, heat up your bedroom and then shut it off. Don’t let it run all night in your bedroom.”

Space heaters should be plugged directly into a wall, not an extension cord.

Officials say when shopping for a heater make sure its UL listed. Purchase a heater with a tip off feature; if the heater falls over, it will automatically shut off. Lastly a temperature sensor, helps make sure the heater doesn’t get too hot. Ace Hardware has plenty of heaters in stock, with all the safety requirements. Although blankets and hot coco are always a safe bet to stay warm in chilly temps. Workers at Ace Hardware say when used properly space heaters can heat a whole area comfortably.

“They do put out a lot of heat I mean, if you leave one running for a couple hours you can feel a room heat up,” Ace Hardware employee David Tillman said. “The whole room instead of just your centralized but on days like today I like to do both.”

Workers say heaters can take a lot of moisture out of the air, but ceramic heaters tend to take away less. Other options include small heater fans.

Officials advise Northlanders to not get creative while heating their home.

“Sometimes people try to heat their homes with their burners on their stove or their oven,” Grondehl said. “Which is never a good thing to do.”

Space heaters are a good option, when used respectfully.

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