How to Keep Vehicles Running Smooth in Freezing Temps

Drivers typically notice car battery problems in extreme temperatures.

DULUTH, Minn.- Its below freezing is the Northland, the chilling temperatures might make you want to bundle up inside. This cold of weather can also make your vehicle not want to move either.

Auto repair shops are receiving many calls today from Northlanders struggling starting up their vehicles. The Automedics in Duluth is offering up some tips to help ensure your car gets you to your destination. Workers say first check the battery, extreme temperatures are typically when drivers have battery problems. Car batteries have an expiration date. Another suggestion throw an old blanket over the engine at night.

“Will honestly keep the wind from getting to it and somewhat keep it warmer over the evening,” Automedics owner Mike Archer said. “So your chances of it starting will be better. Some people go ‘put a blanket over it?’ Well when it’s this cold sometimes it helps to keep this wind out of there.”

Another way to warm up the engine, is starting your car the night before. Northlanders should also check antifreeze levels.

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