Northland Uncovered: Duluth Bethel Receives Historical Grant

Duluth Bethel Has New Hope For Preserving the Past

DULUTH, Minn. – Historical buildings aren’t too hard to come by in the Northland.

But one in Duluth is also home to an organization that’s been around for nearly 150 years, and now, Duluth Bethel has new hope for preserving their past.

The story begins in 1912 when the notable Duluth building was built.

Duluth Bethel still stands tall on the hill, serving as a haven for the homeless and those seeking addiction treatment.

Incorporated in 1873, it has made an impact in Duluth for 144 years.



“The loggers would come and drop logs and the Bethel homeless men would come out and chop that into logs and stack it along the street here and there would be a truck that would come and deliver that out 42 to Spirit Valley, Piedmont Heights and Lakeside people,” said Dennis Cumming, Executive Director of Duluth Bethel.

Duluth Bethel has received a grant from the Minnesota Historical Society for $7,650 dollars.

Midwest Arts Conservation Center is visiting Duluth Bethel in January to provide an evaluation report on some of the materials needed to complete the restoration.

The Duluth Bethel is reaching out to the public asking for your story.

If you or any family member has been affiliated with Duluth Bethel, they’d like to know.



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