Keeping the Pack Taken Care Of

Packare was Founded Nearly Five Years Ago by Duluthian Alicia Skjoelsvold

DULUTH, Minn. – Everything but lions, tigers and bears help keep Alicia Skjoelsvold’s business alive.

“Kitties, pocket pets, sugar gliders, guinea pigs, rabbits, bearded dragons,” said Skjoelsvold. “We do pet sitting and dog walking.”

The native Duluthian decided five years ago to leave her dream job; reality had set in and routine became a bore.

“This time of year we actually have to turn quite a few people away.”

With families traveling for the holidays, the staff at Packare are working overtime.

“I saw my mom create a couple businesses and I wanted to make something good; I wanted something that would be good for everyone.”

It was then the longtime pet lover began pursuing her passion nearly five years ago.

“I get up, I take care of my own animals. We have three dogs, three cats and I eat some breakfast and I get going.”

A morning ritual now happening seven days a week, 365 days a year. Skjoelsvold says clients are trilled with the services Packare provides.

“They’re usually really thankful! We have some people that weren’t able to go on vacation because they weren’t sure what to do with their pets,” said Skjoelsvold.

PacKeeper Joe Froehlich is one of five employees at Packare.

“Some animals need medication, we do that,” said Froehlich. “I get to know that I am giving people a service they need and want.”

Joe says he’s had many jobs in the past, but this one gives him so much joy and gratification.

“Sometimes it’s like, ugh, I have to go somewhere else,” said Froehlich.

Getting to do a job he loves, everyday of his life.

“I’ll go on a visit first with Alicia or somebody else who is trained in on the pets so we’re not going in blind,” said Froehlich.

“It sounds kind of cheesy but it was a thing that just kept whispering in the back of my head when I was in my twenties wondering what I wanted to do with my life; pet sitting, dog walking,” said Skjoelsvold.

Skojelsvold says Packare would like to eventually do overnight stays with the animals in the comfort of the owners home.

She is currently taking a dog training course for future endeavors.

Rates start at $15 dollars per visit.

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